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The one year intensive course allows students to develop their individual thought process whilst learning skills through guided tuition, research and practical application.

In the first term students work towards ideas generation and development of their ideas and further engage with modules such as visual research, contextual studies and cultural studies Students get a comprehensive learning on Fine Art and various mediums of expression. The students engage with modules in Fine Art Painting, Sculpting, Printmaking, Photography, Mixed Media apart from technical modules such as drawing and techniques in Fine Art. In term two students can specialize in disparate art forms such as painting, sculpting, digital art, graphic design, mixed media, photography and film studies thus enabling to develop a strong portfolio of creative works.

The course also looks at contemporary issues in fine art and allows students to learn through groundwork and studio based activities. Students develop their individual style throughout the course with assignments and workshops and have opportunities to present several art exhibits or work on professional projects to enable them to progress into the industry or on higher education.



Students in the past have progressed on to the following Universities for Higher Education term transfers & top up years

Admissions 2020 Open

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