Sthala fuses two syllables of the founder’s name - Aa(Sth)a Jhunjhunw(ala), however, it stands for a lot more - in Sanskrit, Sthal or Sthala equates to “being firm”, or “a chapter of a book”. Sthala is for those who are firm in their beliefs and author of their own stories.

"We are a women led, homegrown brand that believes in slow, genderless & ethical fashion, while constantly striving to better implement our ideologies through our designs, discoure and over-all approach" says Aastha, a Fashion Design alumnus of FAD.

On her brand origins & inspiration, Aastha says "Designing was something I was always inclined towards as I grew up watching my mother design & style her own garments often. So, when I found out about a one year diploma course in Fashion Design, I decided to go for it. This was a childhood dream forgotten over time for more stable career choices. Sthala started off as a project in FAD, where we were asked to imagine the kind of brand we would want to start".

"Our launch collection Woodblock was inspired by my love for block-printing and my mother, who I grew up watching hand-print her sarees or home linen, for the freedom of expression it gave her", explains Aastha. "For another collection, we were inspired by the the plethora of Indian fabrics there are - especially the ones we collected over time, and upcycled into genderless shirts. Each piece is unique, one-of-its kind, an ode to individuality and celebrating diversity."

"Our style could be described as multi-layered and our motto is Fashion with Purpose, which is our biggest driver and inspiration!". Explore more about the brand here: Sthala

"Warping Theories by definition means to bend, distort, make abnormal or strange", explains Fashion Design Alumni of FAD, Kuship & Urvash Parmar.

Warping Theories started out with two individuals running their separate brands; Warp by Kuship Parmar and Pro Anti Theory by Urvash Parmar trying to create something unconventional for the Indian clothing market and change the way streetwear is looked at, realising they could probably do this together.

FAD has showcased Kuship & Urvash at international platforms from London Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week, Arab Fashion Week to Fashion and Talents in Rome. FAD continues giving global exposure to its talents during the course, leading to successful career opportunities for them.

We are proud of our students, Kuship & Urvash Parmar for launching their independent streetwear brand, Warping Theories.

"We aspire to keep creating, breaking conventions and giving you something fresh every time you come back here". Explore more about the brand here: Warping Theories

"Vintage Laundry actually started as a concept I had created for my editorial shoot when I was pursuing my course in Styling", says Riya Rokade, who completed her Fashion Styling with FAD.

"I’ve always been inclined towards expressing my creativity through clothes but I’m also aware of all the impact fast fashion has on our environment and the workers that are involved in the production process. In order to ensure that I still have the freedom to enjoy expressing my creative side whilst also not compromising on the environment’s well being, thrifting became my best mediator. I’ve been buying secondhand for the past couple of years and eventually people started asking me about my outfits and vintage pieces so I was like hey, why not just curate these pieces for them!"

Explore more about Riya's brand here: Vintage Laundry

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