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FAD Unveils 15 Talents At Arab Fashion Week

Fifteen FAD Dubai students and emerging talents from the region received the platform to showcase their capsule collections to industry, buyers & media with a vision to support a new wave of regional design talents.

The runway collective showcased capsule collections from students Mohammadnoor Changavar, Zohreh Shahzeidi, Areej Rimawi, Neha Mahmood, Sahar Bonyanpour, Yasmin Al Ameeri, Sonakshi Sood, Shahithra Gowthaman, Dalal Mouride, Roupak Jamshidi, Manel Aboudaoud, Kuship Parmar, Muskan Sharma & Ghufran Baha Hadid blending concepts and cultures forming visually strong ready to wear collections.

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