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Grazia Bulgaria Cover Shoot

A potent take on Fashion by FAD Design & Styling Talents as they style Miss Albania for Miss World.

Outfit by FAD Talent 'Roupak Jamshidi'. Styled by FAD Talent Rucha Aphale.

Editorials and cover shoots are significantly inspiring as they enhance the majestic plethora of the fashion world. A lot goes in to build this canvas which oozes glamour and finesse thoroughly while setting forth trends for consumers to follow. While we sit back and grasp the fashion forecasts, designers and stylists showcase their works in the form of editorials - a flawless blend of beguiling silhouettes, tantalizing footwear, gleaming makeup and contemporary accessories.

The December cover of the iconic magazine Grazia Bulgaria was a mesmerizing visual treat starring the charismatic Miss Albania for Miss World, Nikita Preka. Oozing out winter vibes with silhouettes which are oh-so chic, were tremendously designed by FAD Talents Roupak Jamshidi, Anjali Lohiya and others. FAD Talents do not pause here, as the ravishing styling for the cover was also conceptualized and executed by FAD Talent, Rucha Aphale.

Outfit by FAD Talent 'Roupak Jamshidi'. Styled by FAD Talent Rucha Aphale.

Roupak Jamshidi’s silhouette was a tinseled vision in raven black, featuring a corset, wrap skirt and over coat with subdued ruched detailing in stark leather.

Outfit by FAD Talent 'Anjali Lohiya'. Styled by FAD Talent Rucha Aphale.

Anjali Lohiya’s uber cool color blocked denim look was a stellar display. Setting up street fashion goals with a cut-out bodysuit with relaxed fit wide leg pants and cropped jacket, all infused in timeless hues of the everlasting rage-denim.

Outfit by FAD Talents. Styled by FAD Talent Rucha Aphale.

Taking the glam standards way too high FAD Talents exhibited a scintillating innovation in dove white. The meshed mermaid gown features a corset with denim stripes, croatia florals and intricate embroidered patches all over.

The editorial was incorporated as a fashion armor to survive the monotone gloomy days. FAD Talents are occupied conquering the world of fashion through their magnificent work while FAD is incessantly filling the lines with integrated industry experiences and practical projects for its students.



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