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Design Student showcases at Lakmé Fashion Week

FAD Design Student Hrudaya Bobde displays her 6-piece capsule collection at the GFWi Showcase during Lakmé Fashion Week.

With Fashion Week's latest season in full swing, FAD Design Talent Hrudaya Bobde was awarded an opportunity to showcase her capsule collection at the prestigious Graduate Fashion Week International showcase at Lakmé Fashion Week.

The Graduate Fashion Week International event showcased final year students alongside recent graduates from 27 international design schools across the globe who united in Mumbai on the 16th October 2022, to showcase their collections at FDCI's Lakmé Fashion Week.

The event featured talented design students who approached the diversity of fashion with varied perspectives, under the prominent influence of their individuality, cultural and social backgrounds and lastly preferred form of expression.

Amongst them was our phenomenal FADTalent Hrudaya Bobde whose capsule collection, ‘Deconstruct’ focuses on constructing the ‘Deconstruct’ while normalizing the stigma of confusion and doubt! The collection revolved around subdued tones, rugged texture, distorted silhouettes featuring elements like oversized pocket flaps, layers , puff sleeves and gathered pleats !

FAD constantly aims at putting forth opportunities with tremendous industry exposure essential for the students as they commence their journey in the fashion industry. We congratulate Hrudaya for achieving this prime milestone and wish her success in her future collections.





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