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Students visit Hermès exhibit in Mumbai

Witnessing the elation of movement, FAD students visited the Hermes Heritage ‘In Motion’ exhibit in Mumbai.

Steeped in perfection and heritage, French powerhouse Hermès has preserved its position as a vital contributor in constructing the luxury fashion landscape. Conducive to diversify the iconic label, Hermès Heritage is a movement of to

uring exhibitions that exhibits an open dialogue between Hermès’ history and its contemporaneity. The series includes four chapters namely - Harnessing The Roots, Rouges Hermès, In Motion and Once Upon a Bag.

Hermes Heritage exhibited its 3rd chapter, ‘In Motion’ at the IFBE Gallery in Mumbai this year. FAD students from the Mumbai and Pune campuses received the opportunity to visit the prestigious exhibit with the HOD of Fashion Design, Nazia Hafeez & HOD of Fashion Styling- Andy Barve.

The students were give a guided tour of the exhibit by Hermes Press Executive- Mishfa Kazi, wherein they discussed and witnessed some of the iconic creations like the first ever Hermès scarf featuring a pattern of horse-drawn carriages, feather weight Flâneur d'Hermès bicycle, striking pair of postilion riding boots from Emile Hermès Museum, the Bolide picnic bag created by the fashion house in the 1920’s and the Kelly rocking horse bag created in 2004.

Hermes Heritage In Motion celebrates the delight of travelling and movement. Exploring the history of the house with its iconic themes, colours and objects, represented by generations of craftsmen. ‘In Motion’ showcased around 30 objects from Hermes that infuses within them the desire to take off, roam, ramble and to go elsewhere.

Industry visits as such impart the vast exposure and expertise vital for students before commencing their journey in the luxury segment of the fashion industry.





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