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Vichitra Exhibit hosts FADTalents

FAD students attend an industry visit to 'Vichitra' - a surreal explanation of humanity.

Attending exhibitions is vital for garnering inspiration, experiencing cultural diversity, networking  with industry professionals and promoting a continuous learning environment.


FAD students visited the Vichitra Exhibit at SnowBall Studios, Mumbai and also received the opportunity to interact with the phenomenal artist - Tejal Patni.

He debuted his exhibit 'Vichitra', which showcases an encounter the artist had with an unfinished building in Delhi, indicating to the tales of diverse individuals converging in a shared space, transcending physical boundaries. Through his neo-whimsical style, Tejal Patni established the calm eye of the surreal storm.

Through evocative live performances and visuals, the exhibition transforms into a demonstration to the universality of human experience, inducing introspection on vulnerability, connectivity, and the unspoken bonds that bind the humanity.



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