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In Year One, students are introduced to modules focusing on creative thinking, ideas generation and contextual studies along with core skill based modules in Painting, Printmaking, Digital Art, Sculpting, Mixed Media & other art forms.

120 Credits / 600 Hours
Visual Communication in Art and Design
Ideas Generation and Development in Art and Design
Contextual and Cultural Referencing in Art and Design
Art & Design Foundation
Fine Art Painting
Fine Art Printmaking
Fine Art Sculpture
Digital Art
Drawing Techniques


120 Credits / 600 Hours

Students have an option to finish the final year in India or in the UK. The third year allows the student to focus on a specialization ranging in painting, sculpting, mixed media, graphics, photography, digital fine art, art curating to volunteered disciplines based on the learning in first two years. Further students work towards developing a personal identity in Fine Art and a professional focus towards their work. Students also undertake several projects allowing them to build a strong professional portfolio within the chosen specialization. With various supporting departments at FAD, students also get an opportunity to work on collaborative projects with students from other departments to achieve professional industry work. Students will also get an opportunity to undergo an internship or residency with artists. On successful completion of Year 3 students have an opportunity to apply to various Masters Degrees at International universities or be equipped to work in the industry.


In Year Two students continue to develop both creative and technical skills in art and further investigate the wider social and cultural impact on Art. Students also start to develop their personal fine art identity and focus on professional practice and development. Students are continuously exposed to site-specific art, engagement with art exhibitions and showcasing of their works at a professional level. Key focus is given on developing the fine art identity of the artist and a portfolio of the artist’s works. 120 Credits / 600 Hours

Professional Practice in Art andDesign
Project Design, Implementation andEvaluation
Digital Image Creation andDevelopment
Management of Art Exhibitions
Development of a Fine Art Identity
Research Project
Personal and ProfessionalDevelopment
Communication with Images in Artand Design
Optional Modules
Studio Practice in Photography


Student’s wishing to pursue the third year in India have the opportunity to pursue a final year with BA Painting or BA in Visual Communication through an Online Distance Learning qualification honored by an UK University, delivered and mentored at FAD International India. Students work towards a self-proposed project in their area of specialization combining all the skills acquired during the first two years. Students also have an opportunity to undertake a professional showcase as an artist to further provide progression to varied careers in an international environment.


In Year Three students have an option to continue their education at a range of UK Universities, subject to their portfolio being accepted, and having successfully completed the HND in Fine Arts. Students are assisted by the UK Admissions office at FAD International and also have a chance to meet with representatives from various universities to seek further information on campus during their first two years.


Students in the second year have an opportunity to study in the UK at one of the world’s leading Art Universities, Goldsmiths – University of London through an academic MOU between FAD International and Goldsmiths University of London. Students can pursue an entire year to achieve nonpareil international exposure and learning. More details on the Study Abroad Year can be availed on http://www.gold.ac.uk/studyabroad/art/


The tour gives students a cutting edge opportunity to visits some of the world’s posh art destinations such as Venice, Rome, Paris, London & Milan and leading design universities to get an exposure to varied world art forms. Furthermore, students get guest lectured by art faculties based on their personal portfolio evaluation and get professional direction towards their individual creative goals.


Three Years International Programme in Fine Arts allows students to progress from a foundation to a professional level in various steps with a mix of guided and studio based self-learning approach. The EDEXCEL curriculum focuses on individual student development through mentored, research & exploratory learning. It also gives students the opportunity to continue further education at European Art Schools by transferring credits to succeeding years.



XII Grade Pass Outs / A Levels or IB Qualifications.

Portfolio of previous art works maybe required during the admission interviews.


BTEC HND (Higher National Diploma) in Fine Arts by EDEXCEL Pearson UK International Three Years Fine Arts Programme by FAD. The first two years are validated by EDEXCEL UK. Students have an option to pursue the final year of a Degree in UK or Final Year BA in Painting or BA in Visual Communication delivered online by an UK Institution and tutored at FAD International India.


On successful completion students can progress on careers in Painting, Sculpting, Art Direction, Graphic Design, Creative Advertising, Set Design, Creative Direction, Art Curator, Mixed Media Artist & other professional practices in Fine Art & Visual Communication.


Students in the past have progressed on to the following Universities for Higher Education term transfers & top up years

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