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FAD Showcases Student Collections at Middle East Fashion Week !

Demi-couture collections of 7 FADTalents unveiled at Middle East Fashion Week.

Image : Outfit by FAD Talent Adebimpe Tijani

FAD, India & Middle East's premier fashion school unveils 7 young student collections at the debut Middle East Fashion Week in Dubai. The first ever demi-couture collective presented by FAD saw students and emerging designers from India, UAE, Africa & Tunisia unveil handcrafted capsule collections by the next generation of talents at FAD.

Image : Outfits by FAD Talents Kalistar (Front) & Gada Saad (Back)

The runway was infused with extravagant creativity, covering the checkpoints of both minimalists and maximalists styles and encapsulating almost every hue of the color palette. From regal voluminous gowns to structured coordinates, from lustrous solid fabrics to blooming florals and checks, from exaggerated sleeves and ruches to rhinestones and mesh detailing.

Image : Outfits by FAD Talents Dhara Sheth, Kalistar, Dhara Sheth, Gada Saad, Ashna Vinayagamoorthy (L to R)

FAD has been consistently supporting and incubating regional talents with an industry led learning environment teamed with access to global and regional platforms. Over the coming years, the school envisions to build a strong alumni of both design and creative talents and continue contributing to the region's fast evolving creative economy.

Image : FAD Talents Rakshana Krishan, Elham Altamimi, Adebimpe Tijani, Kalistar & Gada Saad





The regal collection by Adebimpe Tijani denotes the iconic woman and is characterized by the display of fullness, layering and some drama. The silhouettes consisted of floating balloon drapery, exaggerated gowns, puffy and voluminous sleeves and structured coordinates with intricate embellishments, inspired by shapes of vivid artistic bookshelves, Aurora Lights and Red Sand Hourglasses.



Aiming to strike a flawless balance, the season-less collection by Kalistar showcases structured coordinates and avant-garde dresses featuring lapel collars, flared and pleated sleeves, high slits, embroidered patchwork and layered dresses in jade, ice blue and black, while maintaining the perfect balance between corporate and sensual silhouettes.



Paying homage to her hometown, design student Rakshana Krishnan proudly encapsulates her roots in the capsule collection. Consisting of layered dress and structured coordinates featuring beguiling elements like leg-of-mutton sleeves, neck jumpers and tulle at the hemline. The binding element is the usage of the fabric Madras Checks in eccentric hues in each silhouette.



Encapsulating unconventional elements like precise folds, cutwork and mesh layers in understated hues and knee-length dresses, Dhara Sheth's collection is based on fabric manipulation. It signifies the conversion of human thoughts and emotions into reality. In a broader aspect it states the conversion of two dimensional fabrics into three dimensional outfits while portraying the unfolding of human nature into materiality.



Elham Altamimi's collection aims to shatter the barriers of age, skin and body shape, motivating women to be out loud with their personality and dressing. The outfits feature contemporary silhouettes in ruby, raven and champagne hue featuring embellishments, voluminous one-sided sleeves and bardot neckline.



Eccentric hues, emphasized waistlines, flowy sleeves infused in jumpsuits and dresses - student Gada Saad's collection inspiration goes back to the late 80’s romantic movement era. Furthermore the collection is based on an independent woman who is all set to traverse endless opportunities in the amusing city of New York.



Ashna Vinayagamoorthy aims to bring out the dual aspect of present day mindful women in her collection, characterized by their boldness and outspoken personality with their inner beauty and empathy that supports from the core. The collection showcases high-low gowns and amplified capes in metallic hues that depict a persona of the dauntless women, featuring structures and layers which are inspired from seashells and corals.


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