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Incubating & training creative talents across India & Middle East with campuses in Mumbai, Pune & Dubai.

Incubating emerging talents since 15 years of founding, FAD International has been ringing in passionate individuals who desire to achieve global excellence, nurturing their ingenuity while helping them conceive their signature style. 


We are a creative arts & fashion institution that ministers diverse and masterfully designed courses spanning throughout creative fields that inspire students to unleash their talents.


We believe that every creative individual requires the liberty of thought, ergo, at FAD, students are given complete authority as they progress through their respective trajectories teamed with thorough guidance by industry insiders. 


We hone in working with a global perspective, providing students with an unorthodox course of learning that help the students imbibe practical skills. Students are introduced to industry integrated learning so that they are adept to the system upon gaining ground in their respective fields.


Certification & Accreditation

Courses at FAD India Campuses are accredited by ATHE UK, SQA (UK Qualification) & NCVRT (Govt. of India recognized body)*. FAD Dubai Campus is approved by the KHDA (Govt. of Dubai).

FAD delivers industry focused professional courses at undergraduate & postgraduate levels. Established as a private institution, FAD honors qualifications certified by global accrediting bodies and institutions.

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Global Partners

The Luxury Fashion & Style Conclave, Dubai Design & Fashion Council x FAD London Fashion Showcase, House of MEA & Scouting for India with Vogue Italia are propelled by FAD to support industry.

FAD has been instrumental in propelling several iconic initiatives across India, Middle East & Europe with an objective of supporting regional talents and building a sustainable ecosystem for creative talents across the world. 

*Disclaimer - FAD qualifications have multiple accrediting bodies varying by course, kindly check the website for the certifications offered for the respective courses. Not all qualifications are certified by the NCVRT (Government of India recognized body).

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