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Start Date : 15th April 2024

Duration : 4 Weeks, Part-Time (Online)

Certified by FAD International Academy

Live Online Tutoring

Industry-relevant Learning


Fashion Foundation

The Fashion Foundation course is aimed for students who are unsure of how to choose the right area of fashion as a career. The course gives students the opportunity to experience various subjects from design, styling, fashion management, communication, marketing & retail, giving them a clear direction on their future academic decisions.

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Fashion Styling

The Fashion Styling course is suitable for absolutely anyone who wants to explore & understand  Fashion Styling as a career or as a passion.  Styling as an industry has a lot of opportunities to offer, from personal styling to ads & commercials to celebrity , film & TV styling. This course will help you clearly understand how fashion styling functions as an independent industry and the skills that you require to be successful.

Fashion Design

The Fundamentals of Fashion Design course is developed with the intent of supporting students who have a keen interest in pursuing Fashion Design as a career.  It will help you understand the key aspects of Fashion Design, from creating mood boards & illustrations to concepts, and how to develop a strong portfolio required for University applications.

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The course is developed with the intent of supporting students post 10th grade who have a keen interest in starting their own fashion venture. It will help you understand the key aspects of the fashion industry and how to enter & develop a creative business. It is the perfect course for students who wish to kickstart their entrepreneurial journey with a small business and want to learn the process from ideation & execution.

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The online or on-campus Summer School Courses by FAD are suitable for anyone interested and actively exploring careers in the fields of Fashion, Styling, Design, Illustration, Retail & Entrepreneurship, or those simply wanting to gain new skills and knowledge in these new areas and thereby make strong use of the summer break.

All our Summer School Courses are certified by FAD International Academy.



*Kindly note that the Date & Time mentioned for each of the classes are not final.
The confirmed time-table for your respective courses will be shared with you directly once your enrolment in complete.



If you are interested in pursuing any of the Summer Courses on-campus in Mumbai / Pune, kindly connect with our Admissions Team over WhatsApp for further details.


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