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Fashion Projects on AI by FAD Talents

PG Luxury & Fashion Management students use AI for their projects on the Fashion Forecast module.

Image : Project 'Kickflix' created on AI by student Shivani Sarwade.

Integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) into the ever evolving fashion industry has a substantial potential to revolutionise various aspects of the industry, from trend forecasting to curating personalised recommendations.

Perceiving AI to be on the boom, FAD is continuously evolving its curriculum to amalgamate the latest technology and ensuring our students are prepared for the dynamic fashion industry.

PG Luxury & Fashion Management students from FAD Pune Campus curated astounding projects for the Fashion Forecast Module using AI as the dominant factor.

Image : Project 'Amaryllis' created on AI by student Kashish Chavan.

Kashish Chavan's brand 'Amaryllis' portrays a series of AI-generated vegan, cruelty-free and sustainable cosmetics. The design and packaging being inspired by different aesthetics ranging from Chinese Art to Tarot Cards. The packaging of the products is done of bamboo, cardboard and aluminum. This idea became substantial after intensive research on how the plastic packaging of makeup products is damaging the environment on a vast level.

Image : Project 'Kickflix' created on AI by student Shivani Sarwade.

Shivani Sarwade's 'KickFlix' portrays AI generated sneakers inspired by shows and movies. The ideation behind these sneakers is based on companies leveraging the popularity of certain films and television series, instantly leading to a variety of products inspired by them.

Image : Project 'Live Fragrances' created on AI by student Sameer Joshi.

Sameer Joshi’s AI concept 'Live Fragrances' driving the concept of transparency ahead, having the star ingredient preserved and visually present for the consumers to see as authenticity. This gives the fragrance an aesthetically distinct appearance and a sense of trust within the product.

As FAD affirms that the students delve into the AI segment and adapt it in the fashion industry,

This project allowed students to explore the convergence of technology, data science and fashion, while making way for infinite possibilities in creativity and innovation. They also learned to contribute to shaping the future of the industry by creating more sustainable, efficient and customer-centric systems.




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