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FLANELLE Magazine publication for FAD Styling Talents

An editorial cover infused with glamour - FAD Styling Talents put in their explicit creativity and finesse in this editorial shot at the stupendous Palazzo Versace in Dubai, with the final images being published in the iconic FLANELLE Magazine. The editorial titled 'Brilliant Nostalgia' gives us glimpses of extravagance covering the checkpoints of both minimalists and maximalists styles.

The editorial reminisces statement silhouettes like power tweed blazers, shimmer co-ordinate, solid coats, glistening cowl crop tops, halter dress infused in eccentric hues and styled alongside stark chokers, beguiling handbags, tantalizing footwear and shades.

This nostalgic milestone is hazy but flinty to neglect while inculcating the accurate proportion of drama and bling!

FAD Talents are occupied conquering the world of fashion through their magnificent work while FAD is incessantly filling the lines with integrated industry experiences and practical exposure as well as projects for its students.

Explore Imagery from the shoot.



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