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Gucci Garden hosts FAD Talents

Students visit the Gucci Garden in Florence during the Europe Fashion Experience Tour 2023.

The House Of Gucci has a century long standing and is one of the leaders of the luxury industry. As a part of the guided Europe Fashion Experience Tour, FAD students got the opportunity to witness the opulent Gucci Museum situated in the historic Palazzo della Mercanzia in Florence, Italy.

Celebrating the 90th anniversary of the Italian fashion house, the Gucci museum was inaugurated in 2011 under the brand’s creative director by Alessandro Michele. With ancient exteriors and modern interior approach the museum captures a spellbinding glimpse of the eccentric world of Gucci.

As the students entered they witnessed the museum being curated thematically as well as chronologically in a three-story space, which highlights the evolution of the Italian fashion house since 1921. The museum portrays Gucci’s vision while honoring the archives that consists of the artisans images, classic advertising campaigns and retro objects.

The 1st floor is themed as Travel and features iconic pieces like suitcases from the 1930s, exaggerated floral prints from 1950s, 1970s tricolored enamel necklaces & more. Moving forward to the “movie art,” space that showcases screening of the two landmark films that Gucci has helped to restore. The 2nd floor showcases the ‘Logomania’, a space narrating the evolution of ‘Double G’ monogram through ready to wear collections, accessories, baskets & more. While the 3rd section is dedicated to the artisans enthralling innovations and ‘Bamboo handbags’.

Students experienced Gucci’s maximalist aura revolving around vivid hues, off-beat patterns, gender neutral shapes, trims & more.

FAD takes uttermost concession in organizing first hand industry integrated experiences for its students before they venture out in this comprehensive industry.



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