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KALTBLUT Mag features FAD Styling Talents

FAD publishes Editorial Shoot by Fashion Styling students in Germany's leading fashion magazine.

FAD students work on curating visually compelling fashion odes through editorial styling projects as a part of their course structure at FAD. One such editorial shoot was recently featured in KALTBLUT, Germany’s leading fashion, art & culture magazine.

Students from FAD Pune campus worked on the concept revolving around a young woman who feels the urge to change the patriarchy system upon realizing the power of womanhood. The shoot features outfits from Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Balenciaga & more, with the black and white hues depicting the prevalent imbalance of yin and yang.

Each prop or element creatively used by the students conveys a vital meaning like the metal portrays the women privileges the society has, a megaphone. A saddle whip, a high-perched chair, all of these act as agents for her while reclaiming her power back and also building a world of balance and harmony.

The shoot was executed under the creative direction of Victoria Krundysheva, HOD - Fashion Photography & Andy Barve, HOD - Fashion Styling.

As FAD Talents intend to continue work as the creative change makers, FAD is incessantly filling the space by supporting its students with publications in international magazines.





Styling by FAD Talents: Akshit Bareja, Aastha Bhatnagar, Pooja Singh, Zainab Chunawala, Gauri Mamde

Photography: Victoria Krundysheva

Creative Direction: Andy Barve

Model: Jaya Monica Dungdung

Hair & Make-up: Priyanka Sinha



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