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Kissa Goi - A sustainable label by FAD Design Talent

Traversing the world of mindful fashion, FAD Alumna Anushri talks about her journey from the Fashion Design course to starting her own label.

Co-founded by FADTalent Anushri Agarwal, Kissa Goi is a homegrown sustainable label that intends to weave a meaningful tale behind each of their products. The products vouch to arouse curiosity amongst the consumers, taking them through a nostalgic roller-coaster.

Anushri and her sister Ayushi started Kissa Goi to connect and build a community of artists, while drawing inspiration from their collective experiences. Collections are crafted with low-inventory that tackles the customary issue of dead stock. Apart from the above, the label reuses scrap for constructing postcards, focuses on subdued eco-friendly packaging and encourages its viewers with initiatives like '2 TO 4'.

Going back to 2018, when Anushri who has always been an avid learner & creative spirit was intrigued to take up a Fashion Design course at FAD. This was the beginning of her inclination towards art and culture which she was determined to portray through fashion.

The brand has an array of categories ranging from clothing to accessories, from traditional Indian weaves to unconventional silhouettes. When questioned about which product has her heart, Anushri instantly responded - “The Detachable Earrings! I’m very proud of how this collection came out to be. It was our first experience with jewelry and we’re so glad of its functionality and multi-purpose feature.”

With a skilled in-house embroiderer and freelance artisans, the label aims to move forward by constituting an experimental studio for hosting events, workshops and lending a creative space for artisans.



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