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Louis Vuitton Campus Placements

The LV HR & Management Team visited FAD Mumbai campus for an interactive masterclass on the brand, leading to interviews & placements.

Campus Placements hold a great significance for FAD, as it helps our students in the start of their career in Fashion & Luxury.

Louis Vuitton’s HR & Management Team visited FAD Mumbai campus for a masterclass followed by a placement drive. This was attended by PG Luxury & Fashion Management and UG Fashion Communication & Business students from both FAD Mumbai & Pune campuses.

During the masterclass, the students received intriguing insights about Louis Vuitton's heritage, organisational structure & career opportunities with the brand. The masterclass was followed by an interactive session wherein the LV team where students got to present their knowledge & communication skills.

FAD is constantly working towards building long term partnerships with leading Fashion Houses to support luxury and fashion students with opportunities.




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