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Mumbai Campus hosts a Pop-up by FAD Streetwear Label

The Modern Day Tailoring Shop, a pop-up event by FADTalents Streetwear Brand Warping Theories held at FAD Mumbai Campus.

With evolving times, labels have to work around unconventional approaches to cater to their customers’ needs while constituting a prime mark in the industry.

FAD Alumni Streetwear Label, Warping Theories has been gaining prominence in the fashion industry. FAD extended its support towards the label by hosting the label's latest pop-up event at the Mumbai campus, along with the UG Fashion Communication & Business students working on the ideation & execution of the event.

The concept of the pop-up revolved around functionality and customizations, reviving the age old concept of traditional tailoring shops but with a contemporary spin by providing the bait in the hands of the consumer to customize their very own cargos from Warping Theories and sneakers from CHNKS.

Warping Theories, streetwear brand by FAD Talents Kuship Parmar & Urvash Parmar, exhibited an array of fabrics, hues, pocket patches, embellishments etc so that the consumers had the liberty to customize as per their preferences, apart from the above the street wear label also showcased a range of ready to wear apparel that could be shopped on the spot!

On the other hand was an exclusive preview launch of the custom sneaker label, CHNKS. The brand’s expansive display featured varied sneaker patterns, hues, sole, in-stocks , laces etc wherein the customers can customize and design their preferred sneakers as per comfort and functionality!

Apart from the above brands the attendees were intrigued with music and F&B section respectively.

FAD students worked along with FAD Alumni in planning to execution, and to pull of this spectacular pop-up, that emerged out to be a triumph amongst the community.




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