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PG students undertake a Milan Semester

Alka Meriam & Nishita Mathew from the Postgraduate programme in Luxury & Fashion Management attend a semester in both Milan & Dubai during their course at FAD Mumbai.

Image : PG students Alka & Nishita graduate from their semester in Milan.

Astonishing us with her accomplishments and growth, PG Luxury Brand Management students Alka Meriam & Nishita Mathew are currently finishing her overseas semester at Milan and making their way up.

Taking us through her initial semester at FAD Mumbai, Alka states “My time in Mumbai has been the most wholesome part of my educational journey. I found a mentor in Manoj Sir who has constructed a fabulous course structure that gave a whole new definition to my academic experience. Moreover having a group of like-minded people in class as peers gave rise to an interactive class while creating healthy competition amongst us.”

Image : PG students Alka & Nishita attend the D&G exhibit at Milan Design Week.

Having undertaken a semester in Milan, they received enormous exposure to the global fashion industry. Alka elaborates "My semester on ‘Made in Italy’ and ‘Luxury Goods’ at Academia Del Lusso is nothing short of a dream course, with industry experts and professionals as our professors. Our class is a melting pot of cultures with students from all around the globe. We had the opportunity to witness the Milan Design Week, with brands like D&G, Nike & Louis Vuitton and to see Italian craftsmanship".

Image : PG students Alka & Nishita attend Milan Design Week.

Alka & Nishita also got the opportunity to visit FAD Dubai campus for a one month short semester. When prompted her about her experience she continued, "Being tremendously productive with the Middle East Fashion Week, the time in Dubai was informative and highly educational with industrial visits. Our professors brought insight into branding and sustainability classes that were highly interactive with fun quizzes & debates. We received an exclusive invitation to Prada Mode and their collaboration with Damien Hirst, taking back this memory with a fun artwork that we had the opportunity to create. We also had a Social Meet organized for all the students along with our professors being the perfect ending to our dynamic trip".

Image : PG students Alka & Nishita attend the Prada Mode workshop for FAD Talents in Dubai.

Pondering upon her internship experience at the FAD Talents Runway Show in Mumbai, with a gleaming smile Alka continues, "I was in the core team, Head of Content & Photography at FAD Talents Grad show. My responsibilities ranged from scouting for front-stage, back-stage, runway photographers and videographers, communicating and coordinating with them while creating content. In all, our team's efforts came to fruition which resulted in a memorable grad show".

Image : PG student Alka interns for the FAD Talents Streetwear Show.

With finance and taxation as her initial education line, Alka got introduced to the world of fashion through FAD’s first online summer styling course, following which she took up a full time postgraduate programme with us.

Alka concludes with the statement, "This course has given me the opportunity to travel and gain exposure on a global level. Moreover FAD has not only brightened up my CV with elaborate projects but has also been an ally and glowing recommendation when it came to my professional career regarding working with some of the big names in the styling, retail, and film industry. This experience is something that I will take back with me!".

We are extremely proud of Alka & Nishita's progression, and wish them success all through their journey!



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