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Photography Talents assist for Manish Malhotra campaign shoot

FAD Photography Talents assist HOD Victoria Krundysheva for Manish Malhotra’s campaign shoot.

Courses at FAD aren’t complete without the wide industry exposure the institute has to offer as a vital segment of all its programs.

FAD Photography students from the Mumbai campus receive a tremendous opportunity to assist the HOD of Fashion Photography & International Photographer, Victoria Krundysheva for the magnificent Manish Malhotra’s campaign shoot in Mumbai.

From witnessing the grandeur of the set to the opulent silhouettes to grasping the functionality and working of a campaign shoot, the students got thorough insights from the finest in the industry.

Industry led experiences like the above not only unfolds a path of learning for the students but is also significant for them to channel their creativity as per the industry standards. FAD thoroughly counts on the ideation of mutating it’s students from academia to industry by equally weighing theoretical and practical knowledge imparted to them.




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