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Scholarships for Creative Talents

FAD unveils a scholarship contest to recognize and reward exceptional talent in the fields of fashion & design, for its Mumbai & Pune Campuses.

Scholarship contests play a vital role in academic excellence as it helps providing a platform for students to showcase their abilities, receive feedback from experts and gain valuable experience.

FAD unveils a Scholarship Competition for Mumbai & Pune campuses to recognize and reward exceptional talent in the fields of fashion & design. The participants of each course will be judged on separate assigned tasks.

This competition aims to contribute to the growth & development of the fashion and design industry by supporting the next generation of creative visionaries and empowering them to make a meaningful impact in their respective fields.


The winners of the competition will be awarded : - Upto 40% scholarship on tuition fees * OR - 100% scholarship on the tuition fees for the 3 month Dubai semester component of the Dual Country Programmes **

FAD constantly aims to foster talent, promote diversity, encourage excellence and ensure providing equal opportunities and access to education for promising students to pursue and excel in their academic and career goals.



Kindly email the following to with the subject line: Scholarship Competition 2024 Submission

  1. Your name, mobile number and choice of course.

  2. The material required as per the brief for your respective course.

You will receive an email acknowledgment of your submission and the Scholarship Competition application will be considered complete. Kindly note that the deadline for the final submission is 10th February 2024.


Terms & Conditions:

* For those applying to Undergraduate Programmes or multi-year Programmes, any deduction awarded is applied only to the first year of the study for the India component of tuition fees. Not applicable for Dual Country PG and Styling Programmes.

** Applicable only for Dual Country PG & Styling Programmes with the international semester at FAD Dubai.


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