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FADTalents Show at Spain Pavilion Expo2020

The spectacular Fashion & Method Show saw FAD design collections being unveiled, with FAD Talents working on Makeup, Photography & Backstage.

The exquisite runway, “Fashion And Method” at the Spain Pavillion at Expo 2020 Dubai, served as a grand umbrella for design, fashion, music, technology, visual and performing arts on one platform with the support of the Embassy of Spain in the United Arab Emirates. The inclusive yet collaborative event aims to be an immersive way of obtaining experiences that motivate emotions while surprising, reflecting and promoting the values of innovation, experimentation, sustainability, inclusion and diversity.

For this year the hue that symbolizes rebel, mystery, luxury and power- ‘Black’ succored to be the binding factor for the event. Putting a treasure of fashion forward, FAD took the runway glamour a notch higher by showcasing silhouettes by FAD Talents- Dimenssio and Roupak Jamshidi.

Dimenssio showcased it’s sustainable Edge Collection with ravishing open dresses featuring textured fabrics and laser cutwork styled alongside sneakers and bracelet stacks. The collection was a contemporary yet innovative take on the existing slow fashion.

On the other hand, Roupak Jamshidi’s silhouette was a mystical vision in black oozing elegance and finesse! Featuring a corset and pleated long skirt alongside a trench coat in scintillating leather. The look was styled with glistening mask, embellished head band and mesh heels.

FAD Design Talents Sahar Bonyanpour & Roupak Jamshidi with the show team.

The runway execution was handled by FAD Team and Talents, from makeup to photography and the backbone of backstage coordination.

FAD takes utmost privilege in putting forward stirring industry-based opportunities time-to-time for its talents wherein the students get a chance to showcase their brilliance and get an overview practical learning experience.



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