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Students visit to India’s first multi-brand sneaker store !

PG Luxury and Fashion Management Students visit India’s first multi brand sneaker store - VegNonVeg.

PG Luxury and Fashion Management students from FAD Pune campus recently received the opportunity to visit spectacular VegNonVeg store in Bandra, Mumbai under the supervision of the HOD of PG Luxury & Fashion Management, Pune Campus - Ankita Brahmi, for an industry visit as a part of their program curriculum at FAD.

VegNonVeg is India’s first multi-brand sneaker store envisioned by Anand Ahuja, a space for developing India’s own story of sneaker and street culture. The concept store showcases a heavily curated selection of all kinds of sneakers ranging from timeless and heritage models to their modern contemporary tech-infused counterparts, and limited edition selections or unapproachable collaborations across brands.

Apart from fostering the burgeoning street culture and youth identity, the concept store also presents a curated selection of music on vinyl, dapper accessories, books, art and uber cool apparel.

As sneakers hold a significant weightage in influencing art, fashion and music, the students were given in-depth knowledge on the roaring sub culture of sneaker heads in India and what the future entails during the industry visit.

The VegNonVeg store interiors were a blend of vivid hues in the form of color blocking, unconventional material selection and high design detailing making it a playroom of sorts. Students got to witness the massive custom conveyor belt that displayed some of the most exclusive sneaker drops across Air Jordan’s, Air Max’s and Filas.

Lastly the students got a proximate glance of the rare hyped Banksy inspired figurines and Bear Brick art pieces.

Industry visits like the above are amongst those segments which make the courses at FAD outshine while imparting accurate industry exposure and knowledge that a student must have before commencing their journey in this competitive industry.



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