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The Brand Digest | Simplifying the complexities of Luxury

An entrepreneurial venture by FAD PG Luxury & Fashion Management Alumna Ishita Choudhary.

The essence of a brand revolves around its product - Hours, Days and even Months are allocated to ushering a product to life! Strategizing and communicating how a brand would want to conduct itself plays a vital role in its success story.

Blowing the gaff, we came across an astonishing venture, The Brand Digest which set its foot in the fashion & luxury segment with the intent to succor business owners construct their brands and build potent alliances amongst their consumers. Moreover they also aim to assist in simplifying the luxury industry for the connoisseurs and help them gain a more practical understanding of the industry.

Behind a marvelous contrivance there has to be a dynamic mind who has hands-on experience with the diversity of the luxury segment and acknowledges the emotions attached to it. Ms. Ishita Choudhary, founded ‘The Brand Digest’ in August 2021. She calls herself a ‘caffeinated bookworm’ who has always admired and been fascinated with the marketing practices of luxury brands. She adds, “Luxury is all about creating emotions and delivering unique experiences. After all, it only takes one good experience to make the feelings last a lifetime.”

Ishita Choudhary, Founder of The Brand Digest

As fashion and art held a significant place in her heart, she enrolled herself for the PG in Luxury Brand Management course at FAD in February 2019, that guided her further to understand the business of luxury in a finer way. With this venture Ishita intends to raise brands through innovative thought process and creative storytelling. From fabricating a catalogue and conceptualizing a brand shoot to contriving a business strategy and a communication plan, The Brand Digest assures in escorting a label to ascertain its vision, form an identity and a voice.

The director thoroughly believed in the idea that it takes a village to achieve great things, therefore The Brand Digest was built as an approachable community where professionals, brands and artists can come together to work and collaborate. With a gleam in her eyes, she continued,” Collaborations are such a beautiful thing! Where nothing is too crazy and nothing is too simple. It's all a part of the magic that will come out of the work that they can create together.”

In today’s scenario competition comes handy with a start–up and tackling it is the real challenge. On that account, Ishita persists, “The Brand Digest is not an agency. We are a boutique consultancy firm where we believe in delivering quality over quantity. Therefore, we only work with 2-3 full strategy clients every month. Assuring them to cater to their needs in a way that suits their unique requirements. We do not want to give them a 'package' where we assume what has worked for one brand will also work for another.”

Indeed it is a blessing when the complexities of luxury marketing are simplified and adhered to emotions to reach out to the target consumers. As in the end it’s the tales of the brand that tend to move a customer faster than a convoluted ninja business model!

Explore Ishita's brand here.



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