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The Dance of Dualities - Editorial by FADTalents

Fashion Styling students put forth their graduation editorial project ‘The Dance of Dualities’.

Editorial projects at FAD encourage students to develop a unique creative vision, allowing experimentation with various styles, concepts, and themes. Fashion Styling students from FAD Pune Campus worked on a fashion editorial ‘The Dance of Dualities’, symbolic to the philosophy of the natural balance of yin and yang.

The looks featured biker jackets, oversized shirts, cut-out blazers and exaggerated sleeves in monochrome hues. Enhanced through accessories that evolve from sparkling diamonds to chunky statement pieces as the editorial progresses from feminine to masculine.

Students used props with contrasting textures and dual-toned backgrounds, embodying the mix of masculine and feminine energies. The editorial shoot was executed under the mentorship of Andy Barve - Head Of Styling, FAD and Victoria Krundysheva - Head Of Photography, FAD.




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