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FADTalents showcase at Dubai Fashion Week

American Rag Cie & FAD Dubai collaborate to unveil “One-Off”, a multi-brand concept promoting fashion graduates & emerging designers, enabling them to transition from runway to retail.

In a collaboration with American Rag Cie, FAD design students showcase showcase their cutting-edge creations on the runway at Dubai Fashion Week's AW24 season.

What sets this collaboration apart is the unique opportunity for fashion enthusiasts to seamlessly transition from witnessing runway brilliance to owning these exclusive pieces. Under the banner "One-Off," products crafted by the emerging designers at FAD Dubai will be featured in the runway show and available for purchase at American Rag Cie.

The FADTalents collections reflected a sense of exploration, showcasing an eclectic fusion of timeless textiles and contemporary silhouettes. Featuring asymmetric pleats, quilted fabrics, ruffles, eccentric patterns, checkered corsets, hand-painted motifs & surface ornamentation infused in ensembles like coordinate sets, A-line dresses, asymmetric dresses, oversized coats, shoulder capes and more.

American Rag Cie is a multi-brand store dedicated to curating an eclectic collection of high-end fashion from both established and emerging designers, with a strong emphasis on supporting local brands and nurturing new talent.

This collaboration emphasizes FAD & ARC's shared commitment to promote and support new talent, providing an industry led platform for emerging designers while fostering creativity and a diverse fashion ecosystem.





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