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FADTalent styles for Cannes Film Festival

FAD Styling Talent Sejal assists in styling digital creator Niharika NM at Cannes Film Festival, along with the cape designed by FAD Design Talent Poorva Patil.

Styling a celebrity for the Cannes Film Festival is a significant achievement in the fashion industry. The extravagant event, known for its glamorous red carpet, offers a unique opportunity for stylists to showcase their expertise, creativity, elegance, and understanding of haute couture.

A FAD Styling Student - Sejal Prashant Sapare from Pune campus recently got the opportunity to assist in styling renowned digital creator Niharika NM. Niharika’s Cannes journey comprised of six looks wherein Sejal Sapare assisted Kajal Patil (Stylist & Mentor at FAD), for each of the looks.

Oozing opulence through the avant-garde gowns infused in eye catching green, radiant embellished dove, dazzling studded ruby, striking espresso and more styled with sparkling jewels and luminous makeup.

Not only did Sejal assist in styling, but FAD Design Student Poorva Patil from Mumbai campus designed the voluminous dove cape (above) for one of  Niharika’s looks during the festival.

Experiences like the above are a testament to a talent's creativity & hard work. It’s a platform that not only highlights their expertise to create iconic fashion moments but also cements their growth in the industry.




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