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Social Media masterclass by Kayaan Contractor

Digital Creator Kayaan Contractor presents a Social Media Management masterclass at FAD Mumbai Campus.

Image : Masterclass by Kayaan C. at FAD Mumbai Campus

Industry Masterclasses are hosted at FAD to give an over-view of the industry's working model to the students. One such session was the Social Media Masterclass hosted at FAD Mumbai Campus by the charismatic Kayaan Shiraz Contractor, Digital Creator and Founder & Creative Director of Shapeshifter.

From the importance of hashtags and market research to the survey of time analytics for the post to building up unique content to responding to student’s queries, the tremendous stylist pumped up the students with zeal .

Image : Masterclass by Kayaan C. at FAD Mumbai Campus

Kayaan initially started out as a Wardrobe Assistant for Films, following which she worked as a Stylist. Moving ahead she started her personal blog, “Shapeshifter” in 2016 as a way to express her fondness for fashion editorials and story-telling, that later on turned into her current full-time role.

Kayaan stepped into blogging when the role was gradually getting recognized by the world, therefore being one of the foremost players, she has seen this industry evolve since the beginning. Putting out her share of experiences with the students, Kayaan shared those essential tips that are prime to be a successful player in this industry.

Image : Masterclass by Kayaan C. at FAD Mumbai Campus

This interactive session encouraged the students to explore the diverse yet competitive social media marketing and blogging industry in abundance.



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