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Students visit Prada's pop-up in Dubai

Students visited the exclusive Prada Mode x Damien Hirst ‘Pharmacy’ Installation in Dubai, as part of their fully funded Short-Sem experience in Dubai, as part of their courses at FAD India.

Prada Mode, an initiative by the Prada Group, is an itinerant social club that offers a distinctive experience emphasizing on contemporary and varied cultures for its members. For its 8th edition the social club arrived in Dubai at ICD Brookfield Place, where renowned British artist Damien Hirst recreated his celebrated ‘Pharmacy’ installation that originally debuted in 1992 in New York.

FAD students from the Mumbai & Pune Campuses that arrived in Dubai for the short semester as part of their courses in India, received the opportunity to visit and were given a guided tour of the immersive ‘Pharmacy’ installation by the Prada Team. Students got to experience colossal medicines, medical supplies and ceiling to floor medicine cabinets dispersed through the place. Moreover they also indulged fun-filled activities like the spin painting workshop along with the Prada crew.

Industry projects like these impart the exposure & expertise necessary for students before commencing their journey in the luxury industry.






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