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Virtual Fashion Fiesta 2021

An initiative organized & hosted by UG Fashion Communication & Business students as part of a Live Project by FAD International Academy.

FAD students of the UG Fashion Communication & Business program from Mumbai & Pune Campuses proudly present the second season of the online event Virtual Fashion Fiesta. An initiative, designed and executed entirely by the students to bring together eminent industry experts on design, styling, photography, make-up, business and all things fashion, from interactive sessions to competitions. Attend webinars by professionals from Almost Gods, Polite Society, Vintage Laundry, 2nai & more.

Mentored by the Head of Department, Mr. Manoj Kumar & Fashion PR & Events Tutor, Mr. Dieter Tretter, the students take on various roles from management & operations to digital content, graphic design & social media.

The vision in mind - never miss an opportunity to learn, share and engage.


Meet the Student Team



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