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3 Crore in Scholarships unveiled by FAD

Full fee scholarship to study for up to 1 Month at FAD Dubai to garner exposure, international certification & future opportunities, for students of FAD India.

FAD students who are currently enrolled for any course from Fashion Design, Fashion Styling, PG in Luxury & Fashion Management, UG Fashion Communication & Business, Fine Arts and Photography, will have an optional opportunity to undertake a fully funded 1 month long learning experience at FAD Dubai.

The fees for the short semester will be fully funded by FAD India, as FAD unveils a 3 Crore equivalent Scholarship Fund, enabling students to avail a learning experience in Dubai.


Benefits of a 1 Month Short-Sem at FAD Dubai

Industry Visits


Live Projects


Meet Global Talents


Course Certified by Govt. of Dubai - KHDA



The 1 month experience is optional and available to current students pursuing a course at FAD India or students starting a course from September 2021. Students can explore a transfer to FAD Dubai with the fees fully funded by FAD for up to 1 month, depending on individual budgets for stay and travel.

UAE Visas & Travel has now resumed for those who have completed both doses of a COVID-19 vaccine approved by the World Health Organization (WHO), as per news unveiled by UAE authorities.


For further details, Students can contact the Admissions team.



The scholarship covers the tuition fee & students will bear the flight, visa & personal expenses during their visit to UAE. Any changes by UAE Government regarding travel will lead to changes in dates of the Short-Sem.



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