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Crafting the Perfect Shot | Interview with Photography Talent Karan Jawale

(The Flip Side, Photographer: Karan Jawale)

Photography was always my passion - creating a mood in an image is probably the most important part of my work.

Mumbai-based Fashion & Commercial Photographer and FAD Photography Alumnus Karan Jawale, enjoys nothing more than creating art through his visuals. In this interview, we speak to Karan about his process, getting his work published and his future plans.

Tell us more about your process and where you find the inspiration for your work.

My inspiration mainly comes from music, following different magazines and also by daily observations. These help me to build ideas, create my own concepts and portray thoughts that I connect strongly with.

I intended to develop my career in Photography and that’s what brought me to FAD. Photography was always my passion - creating a mood in an image is probably the most important part of my work.

(New Girl in Town, Photographer: Karan Jawale)

What are some of your personal favourite works that you’ve photographed?

Some of my personal favourites are from the series of The Flip Side, The Floral Sage and New Girl in Town. These were all shoots where I have experimented and learned valuable things from.

Which was the most memorable shoot/experience for you?

My most memorable shoot is a recent one that I did in January this year. I had planned the shoot in March 2020, but wasn’t able to shoot due to the pandemic. This shoot was special for me because I had chosen an outdoor location and challenged myself to complete the shoot within a given time. I had great results from the shoot, and the same was also published in Elegant Magazine’s March 2021 issue.

How does it feel to have your work featured on global publications like Vogue Italia?

I had initially tried a couple of times and failed to get my work up there on Vogue Italia. But I had set my goal that I want to reach that level and finally after working hard, my work was approved and published. That moment was special for me, and it felt amazing.

(FAD Photography Talent Karan Jawale)

What are you currently working on and what’s next for you?

Currently I’m working as a Freelance Photographer shooting fashion as well as products. Along with my commercial projects, I also make time for my personal projects and send them to various magazines. I intend to continue my Freelance Photography in the future, and also keep creating art.

Explore more of Karan's work here.

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