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FAD Talent interns for Bazaar India

FAD Styling Alumna Arshi Farid talks about her latest work for the Harper's Bazaar India cover featuring Masaba Gupta & Neena Gupta and her journey in Celebrity Styling.

Image : FAD Talent Arshi Farid interns for the cover shoot of Bazaar India.

Styling is but the skillful art of portraying each silhouette alongside entrancing accessories in a way that it weaves a tale of its own. Arshi Farid pursued the Fashion Styling program from FAD Dubai and her work speaks the length of perfection.

When asked about her recent editorial experience with Bazaar India wherein Arshi interned on the project of styling the glamorous mother-daughter duo, she states ” Working with Bazaar India on one of their most iconic issues, The Body Issue, with powerhouses Neena Gupta and Masaba Gupta nonetheless was a dream come true. For most of us working in fashion, Harper’s Bazaar visuals are the golden standard. To get to be a part of the process of a full spread of these images with a stylist I always wanted to work with was a surreal experience. I've followed Masaba's work for years, little did I know I'd get to work with her in this capacity!”

Image : FAD Talent Arshi Farid assists Meagan Concessio styling Nora Fatehi in Michael Cinco for IIFA.

Arshi expresses ”I've always had an interest in fashion and styling was the path to carve a place for myself in the industry. Interestingly, celebrity styling was not my initial area of interest but now that I've worked in it extensively, I can confirm that as a stylist it is the most interesting area to work in. Celebrity styling is evolving every day and is a pivotal part of the fashion industry.”

Image : FAD Talent Arshi Farid on the styling team for Rajakumari's music video shot in Dubai.

FAD being an integral part of her journey as a stylist, Arshi continues ” I joined FAD out of a desire to learn styling and my goal was met. I was absorbing everything taught to me in lectures like a sponge - especially since the faculties are industry insiders. Our course director Shirin Aminian once told us that, if you want to make it in Fashion, be loud! And this is absolutely true in all aspects of styling. All the modules in the course, especially Editorial Styling & Celebrity Styling, provided a lot of practical information which now helps when working in the industry.”

When prompted about her favorite shoot during the course at FAD, she instantly responds, ” Without doubt, the editorial shoot for Haya Magazine. It was such a great learning experience, spread right from sourcing to scouting for locations. Moreover, we had access to the latest season pieces of high end luxury brands like Louis Vuitton, Dior and Christian Louboutin to work with."

Image : Arshi styles editorial look wearing Dolce & Gabbana, shot in Waldorf Astoria, produced by FAD & published in Haya Magazine as part of the Fashion Styling course.

The shoot is especially close to my heart because the image was posted by the brand I styled, Dolce & Gabanna. For them to choose my image, gave me validation that I'm in the right place, especially that early in my career.

While this made our heart smile with glee, Arshi opened up more about her fondness for Editorial Styling, as it allows absolute freedom of blending the fashion principles while being out of the box. She further defined it as “Creating fashion and art, also the feeling of seeing your work immortalised on print forever is unparalleled.”

Image : Styled by Arshi for FAD x American Rag Cie Commercial Styling Project.

Imparting insights about what goes into styling celebrities, Arshi elucidated, ”Taking an example of red carpet events - the looks are planned months in advance. Sometimes the dresses are in different continents altogether and the logistics need to be figured out accordingly. On the day of the event, the stylist has to be on standby for any alterations, taking away the hassle from celebrities.”

Definitely placing her cards right in the fashion industry, Arshi Farid’s impactful styling approach has us eager for more!



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