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FAD Pune Campus x Fashion Revolution India

A Clothes Swap Party was hosted at the FAD Pune Campus in partnership with Fashion Revolution India.

Acting upon the global concern of Sustainability, conscious initiatives are being taken by introducing a clothes sharing or swapping dynamic. To do our bit, a Clothes Swap Party was hosted at FAD International’s Pune campus in partnership with Fashion Revolution India & ENUFF mag, a quarterly digital magazine on sustainable living.

The aim of the event was to encourage and persuade the youth today to swap their fashion with friends, family and within community and not discard it, in turn reducing waste on the planet and contributing to closing the loop of the age-old not so conscious fashion system practiced by all of us.

The event was filled with activities & interactions with industry insiders; All this while embracing sustainable ways to consume fashion. Attendees didn't just swap clothes, they swapped mindsets, evolved notions and futuristic perspectives.

With a hope to give a second life to the clothes with a new wearer, the event turned out to be a roaring success, and for most of the students it was their first step to consuming fashion consciously.

FAD is extremely proud of this collaboration as it is a vital step in providing the exposure necessary for students to commence their ethical journey in the fashion industry.



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