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FAD Talent works with L'Adresse Paris Agency !

Shubhii Choudhari, an alumni of the FAD PG in Luxury & Fashion Management, was recently recruited by L’Adresse Paris Agency, a fashion group offering a range of expertise services for brand building and strategising.

Having a concrete base in marketing prior to FAD, Shubhii thought of placing her cards in the fashion arena of marketing, and went on to pursue a course from the Pune Campus.

Reminiscing her days at FAD, Shubhii states,” My learning experience at FAD was one of a kind as I got the opportunity to study at the campus as well as online, at the time of pandemic. During my course, I learned a lot of exciting things, from attending and handling a live project to having industry professionals come and teach us. I learned how the fashion industry works, from the master classes to classes that took a while to adjust to, it made me constantly test myself, while being sure that I wanted this.”

Image : Showroom by L'Adresse Paris Agency

After affirming her decision to be in this industry, Shubhii went on to take guidance from the founder of FAD, Mr. Shivang Dhruva who guided her to pursue a Masters in Luxury Brand Management from the prestigious IFA Paris.

When prompted about her journey there, with a slight smile she continued, “This course has tested everything from strenuous deadlines to loaded assignments at once, to realize how much I love marketing and my fondness to be creative with my ideas. In the initial days, I remember juggling with FAD online classes super early in the morning in Paris and then attending classes in IFA later the day. This made me grasp time and schedule management to prepare for the greater good.”

When asked to throw some light at her role at L'Adresse Paris Agency, with much enthusiasm Shubhii responded,” My role at this agency caught me by surprise! Every day is a new experience, I am learning how to handle tight pressure deadlines, create mail templates, while dealing with brands, trying to convince them to get on board with us to showcase at Paris Fashion Week, giving them a broader base and a new market to connect.”

Shubhii's perseverance and dedication being the prime keys to her success, we wish nothing but the best for this startling talent!



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