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FADTalents Show 2023

The FADTalents Show in Mumbai unveils futuristic designs & an immersive photography exhibit.

Closing the year on a high, the FADTalents Show unveiled a collection of avant-garde and futuristic garments at Snowball Studios in Mumbai. Reflecting the innovation & craftsmanship taught at FAD, each design was a testament to the talent's dedication, pushing the boundaries of conventional fashion and offering a glimpse into the future of couture. 

Creating a visual spectacle with diverse colour palettes & theatrical silhouettes, the designs featured sculptural 3D elements, unconventional cutouts, textures and layering techniques.  

Complementing the runway show was a captivating photography exhibit by the FAD Talents. Through the lens, they captured Mumbai's streets' raw energy and diverse stories, providing a visual narrative that resonated with our guests. 

The event brought together industry professionals, mentors, students and fashion enthusiasts, fostering an atmosphere of creativity, collaboration, and conversation about the future of fashion. 


FAD students across departments, took up various roles to bring this event to life. From assistance backstage to guest relations to content planning & much more. The show served as a glimpse into the world of fashion with hands-on learning experiences. 




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