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Erised | A Couture + Prêt Fashion House by FAD Design Talent Zainab Matkawala

"At Erised, we create something unique and one off for each client which like an art piece, can not be recreated. We give life to your heart's deepest desire."

Erised (Eh-ree-said), the brainchild of FAD Design Alumni Zainab Matkawala, started off as a couture fashion house after 4-5 years of understanding, sampling, learning and experiencing on how to execute a high end couture collection with unmatched quality.

On asking about her inspiration, Zainab says, "I can not define a moment where I got inspired and decided to start my own label because I knew I wanted to do this when I was in grade 7. I don’t understand how or why but all I have known my whole life is to get to a level where my name will be taken alongside Chanel and Mcqueen. Erised is not a part of my life. It is all that is". Explore more about the brand here: Erised



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