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Solo By Anshita | Where Comfort & Fashion Adjoin

A women-led loungewear label by FAD PG Luxury & Fashion Management Alumna Anshita Gupta.

Pandemic struck tremendously with a lot of lifestyle alterations. An honest confession, the major occupancy in the wardrobes back then would be jeggings, jammies and more of it! Prioritizing comfort and finding tranquility in something which made us feel to be in our own skin was ought to be loungewear clothing.

Comfort is not just another check point instead it is an emotion which is the epicenter of silhouettes we glide in! And when this priority fluidly blends with the trend report, loungewear comes into existence. We came across a label which thoroughly seconds the above statements. Solo By Anshita is a women led loungewear label that signifies reflections of a single power! A concrete blend of eccentric and soothing aesthetics, “Designed for the women with a beautiful soul to make them feel millennial by heart” the brand quotes.

Anshita Gupta, Founder of Solo By Anshita

Based out of the Heart Of India -Madhya Pradesh, the brand aims at pouring in versatility of hues, trends and most significantly comfort to your wardrobe moreover imparting the supreme leisure experience. Ms. Anshita Gupta, the stupendous talent behind this wondrous loungewear label is an ardent fashion designer by profession. As Anshita recalls,” My passion for clothing started seeing my mother stitch beautiful clothes for me.” She later enrolled herself for the PG in Luxury Brand Management program at FAD to get a diversified insight of launching a label.

As each vision originates with an head-strong inspiration, the founder recollects,” My collection is based out of 4 key factors- Effortless, Timeless, Trendy and Comfortable that gives people ways to wear it indoors as well as outdoors while being, in style! I never wanted to bound my brand with any specific palettes or textures therefore I take inspiration from everything – earth, water, fire, wind, space, and the infinite world to craft the loungewear which connects the people from within.”

When questioned about which product has taken over like thunderbolt, she instantly responded, “Though every product of SOLO is unique in its own way in terms of fabric, design and detailing but we are delighted with the response over our - Boss Babe Shorts Set and Rainbow Satin Lounge Set.”

With an in-house team of artisans, the label pursues to pave its path forward towards a Brick & Motor store for an enhanced customer experience. Moreover Solo aims at focusing on the norms of being conscious by utilizing sustainable fabrics and trims and presenting the collection in eco-friendly packaging.

Concluding with a master quote by the label,” While in Solo, you do the most beautiful things: write, paint, dance, sing, dream, take a walk, impact lives, and change the world.” So, let’s get on our ‘Solo’ journey of making a difference while holding on to an alluring silhouette from Solo By Anshita.

Explore Anshita's brand here.



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