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Vintage Laundry | A Pre-Loved Clothing Brand by Fashion Styling Alumnus Riya Rokade

"Vintage Laundry actually started as a concept I had created for my editorial shoot when I was pursuing my course in Styling", says Riya Rokade, who completed her Fashion Styling with FAD.

"I’ve always been inclined towards expressing my creativity through clothes but I’m also aware of all the impact fast fashion has on our environment and the workers that are involved in the production process. In order to ensure that I still have the freedom to enjoy expressing my creative side whilst also not compromising on the environment’s well being, thrifting became my best mediator. I’ve been buying secondhand for the past couple of years and eventually people started asking me about my outfits and vintage pieces so I was like hey, why not just curate these pieces for them!"

Explore more about Riya's brand here: Vintage Laundry


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