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Warping Theories | Streetwear Brand unveiled by FAD Design Talents Kuship & Urvash Parmar

"Warping Theories by definition means to bend, distort, make abnormal or strange", explains Fashion Design Alumni of FAD, Kuship & Urvash Parmar.

Warping Theories started out with two individuals running their separate brands; Warp by Kuship Parmar and Pro Anti Theory by Urvash Parmar trying to create something unconventional for the Indian clothing market and change the way streetwear is looked at, realising they could probably do this together.

FAD has showcased Kuship & Urvash at international platforms from London Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week, Arab Fashion Week to Fashion and Talents in Rome. FAD continues giving global exposure to its talents during the course, leading to successful career opportunities for them.

We are proud of our students, Kuship & Urvash Parmar for launching their independent streetwear brand, Warping Theories.

"We aspire to keep creating, breaking conventions and giving you something fresh every time you come back here". Explore more about the brand here: Warping Theories



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